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Getting involved with the Paris FIFDH will give you the possibility of supporting a strong and clearly identified project, making your company/organisation a partner in an event of general interest, and making the most of the optimism as well as the cultural wealth of a film festival which reaches out to a wide audience.


Corporate patronage


A corporate patronage, as a corporate body, acts in an interest other than that of its own exploitation, by providing material support to non-profit-making activities. The patronage must not generate the existence of quantifiable commercial benefits, unlike sponsoring.

Patronage can take different forms:
> Financial : this can be contributions, donations, payment in cash
> In kind : the payment can, in this case, consist in the remittance of a fixed asset, merchandise or in the actions of service providers, by making material or technical means available
> Technological : technological patronage consists in mobilising the know-how, the corporate profession for the benefit of cultural partners or the world of solidarity
> Skills : making the company’s employees’ skills available, in the form of project set-up assistance, short or long term technical support.





You can opt to be a sponsor. This can take the form of material or financial support with a view to get a direct profit; this operation is destined to promote the image of the sponsor, it indicates the sponsor’s name or brand throughout the event’s communication.




Individuals : become patrons!


Thanks to the law of the 1st August 2003, article 200, donations "grant rights for an income tax reduction equal to 60 % of their amount, within the limit of 20 % of the taxable income, donations or payments made by taxpayers in favour of general interest works having a philanthropic, educational, scientific, social, humanitarian, sportive, familial or cultural nature". However, when the donations and payments made during a year exceed this 20% limit of taxable income, it is possible for the donor to carry forward the surplus to the 5 following years.

Example : Your taxable income is 20 000 euros, 20% of your income is thus equal to 4000 €. You make a 500 € donation, your tax reduction will be 300 € (60 % of the donation, amount lower than the 4000 € limit). You make a 7 000 € donation (or the equivalent of several donations). Your tax reduction will be 4000 € (60 % of the donation limited to 4000 €).

When the association receives a donation, it must issue a receipt according to the CERFA 11580*02 model.